Welcome to St. Michael and All Angels Parish Church.

One of my favourite descriptions about church is within a book entitled “Why Bother with Church? and other questions about why you need it and why it needs you.” Sam Allberry, the author, writes:

“The Church is God’s family. It is not those who have signed up to a human institution, or who find themselves in natural sympathy with Christian ethics and Church life. It is those who have been brought into God’s family through the reconciling work of his son. When we were adopted into his family – we became part of the familial community. When God draws people to himself, he draws them into family.”

I joined St. Michaels in July 2017 as their Interim Minister and went on to be appointed their Vicar in February 2019. My experience of church both before I became a priest and since my ordination was of the church being a group of people who strove to worship God, support one another through all of life whilst also seeking to do some good outside the building it owns.

The church, as a whole, has an incredible potential to make such a positive difference in the life of every individual and in every community. This is possible because within a church community you see at work the true nature of God – love.

During my time at St. Michaels I have witnessed a group of people, who aren’t just a community but are a family who want the best for each other, and who want the best for Bramhall.

Throughout our website you will find more about who we are as a family of God’s children, sharing life together at St. Michaels. Do come and visit, we are excited to get to know you more, and hope that you might want to join us, as we continue to share the adventure of life together.